Since 1986, American Steel Buildings has been delivering pre-engineered steel buildings with great designs and quality internationally. No matter if you are looking into buildings for commercial and industrial purposes, large and mini storage facilities, office and charge buildings and even shopping malls. You name it, they have it for you.

American Steel Buildings has this group of professionals who can help you in designing perfectly what you have in mind. The company’s motto is to best meet customers’ requirements as well as to best fit the layout of customers’ house. This shows that the company means business. From designing to choosing of colors to delivery, you can be impressed with the quality, service and speed. When it comes to spending your money on their service, you can be worry free because your investment comes with warranty of 20 years.

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Now that you know about the background of the company, it is time to find out about the buildings that they offer. There are basically four main kinds of metal buildings sold by the company; commercial buildings, mini storage, multi-purpose buildings as well as church buildings.

1. Commercial buildings
It does not mean that being commercial steel buildings for warehouse or industrial usage, their outlook must be very unattractive. On the contrary, these metal buildings have very eye-catching designs and you even enhance their appearance by requesting to combine various materials in the make, such as brick, complementary colored metal sheeting or glass. You can even use various extensions and overhangs to make the buildings look ‘pretty’.

2. Mini storage
These mini storage metal buildings are good if you do not need something big like the ones for industrial use or that you just need extra storage space on your estate. It does not matter where you live as the company delivers the order everywhere in USA or to a port for export purposes and they also meet the standard codes buildings codes so you do not have to worry about violations. You can choose to have either single or multiple layers or even colors.

3. Multi purpose buildings
These are very much larger metal buildings which you can use to turn into a huge exhibition hall or for storage of very big vehicles. You have an option of 15 colors to choose from so you will be able to find something that suits your needs.

4. Church buildings
If you are looking to build religious buildings such as churches and you are on a tight budget, you might want to consider getting one of these steel buildings manufactured by the American company. These buildings are not only very affordable, they are also very easy to erect and you can customize the designs of your church depending on your requirements.

Now that you are aware of the benefits and the types of buildings manufactured by American Steel Buildings, your next step is just to decide on just what specific kind of building do you need to purchase. If you need to clarify any doubts you might have, you can always check their website for more information or send the person in charge an email.