Cleary opened its doors back in 1978 with its main manufacturing plant located in Verona, Wisconsin. By 1985, they were branching out to other states and now have locations throughout the United States. They manufacture buildings for farm, commercial, residential and equestrian situations. Some other building products that were built by Cleary are churches, stores, manufacturing plants, warehouses, grain storage buildings, bus garages, airplane hangars, houses, and many others.

Cleary Building’s pre-engineered kits are a preferred prefab building solution that is used by many engineers, architects and always easily accepted by local building officials.

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Commercial Buildings
You may not envision a typical pole barn being an attractive building for your corporation. Except, a tailored Cleary Pre-Engineered Building is a wonderful option to assist your establishment mature. Your building should mirror the appeal and image of your business as well as be eye-catching to your consumers. Just as essential, your structure ought to “work”. This may well include such solutions as inviting showrooms, efficient and pleasing working areas, comfortable offices, adequate storeroom area, as well as consideration for expansion as your corporation grows and prospers. Many patrons prefer to add their Energy Miser option to their commercial building for extra energy efficiency.

Energy Efficient Construction
Pole barns and pole buildings have by no means been so energy minded. That’s because a Cleary Pre-engineered structure with their Energy Miser Option, reduces heating and cooling costs on practically any size or variety of Cleary building you determine to build. From appealing Commercial Facilities, to multipurpose Suburban Buildings, to inspirational Horse Barns and Horse Arenas, the Energy Miser option will benefit you for the life of your facility.

Horse Barns and Arenas
Cleary also knows how to supply a secure environment for your animals and the people who handle them as well. This is spot on with our dairy and livestock structures along with our inspiring Horse Barns and Arenas. Whether you’re planning a small horse barn or a considerable stable, you can depend on them. To match your adjoining suburban building, Cleary Buildings provides a extensive assortment of maintenance free siding to custom organize your building with existing buildings and surroundings.