It is usual for grain that has been harvested to be stored in the grain storage silos. What exactly is a silo? It is a storage structure for keeping the large amount of materials like grain, wood chips, cement and cereals. Harvested grains have to be stored using effective grain storage systems to prevent the products from going bad.

In fact, these great innovative structures allow the stored grains to stay fresh and at their best so that when the time is right, they can be marketed to the consumers.

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Silos can be built from different materials like cement, bricks and metals. Most harvested farm products are stored in metal grain storage silos. Materials like corrugated galvanized metal and smooth metal are used to build such silos. These silos are constructed cylindrical in shape and can comes with either a flat bottomed or conical bottomed. Although different constructors have different designs, these silos usually is designed with a man-hole at the highest panels and an outlet pipe at the lower part of the structure. Both openings can be locked tight when not in use. Normally, a good quality silo can be used for more than 30 years and it is very easily maintained.

With research and innovative technology these days, silos are not just plainly a storage space like the traditional storage warehouse. Usually, when silos are built, there are other built-in systems which assist in storing the grain easier, more conveniently and fresher. You will have the auto system to monitor the temperature in the silo, the system for the ventilation of air, the system to clear the grain, the system to transport the grain and even systems that fumigate to get rid of pests as well as drying to prevent moisture.

These metal storage silos are positioned above the ground either on a plinths or a platform, and this is to make the emptying of the grains in the silo easier. However, it still depends on your requirements as silos with larger capacity may not be suitable to be raised with plinths or platforms and these big silos are commonly built without any base plate. The big capacity silos are position above the ground on concrete slabs and to prevent pests and water, the wall of these big silos are carefully silted.

Although constructing grain storage silos aren’t something small, you don’t have to go through the traditional way of searching for one constructor who can meet your requirements. There are many grain silo builders who can provide you with great information and their services online and with just a few clicks, you can read all you want to know and to compare the different quality and prices. You can also see the images of the different kinds of silos and what more, you can customize you kind of silos and they will build them for you.